Topology Optimization for Convection Problems

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This report deals with the topology optimization of convection problems.That is, the aim of the project is to develop, implement and examine topology optimization of purely thermal and coupled thermomechanical problems,when the design-dependent eects of convection are taken into consideration.This is done by the use of a self-programmed FORTRAN-code, which builds on an existing 2D-plane thermomechanical nite element code implementing during the course `41525 FEM-Heavy'. The topology optimizationfeatures have been implemented from scratch, and allows the program to optimize elastostatic mechanical problems, steady-state thermal problems and coupled thermomechanical problems, for a range of objective functions subjected to a volume-fraction constraint. The programme utilises the GCMMA algorithm, by K. Svanberg, to optimize the given problems. Design-dependent side convection has been formulated and implemented, where the convection is interpolated into the design-domain and applied upon the boundaries of the design using a density-based interpolation function.The implementation has been tested for both pure thermal analysis, along with thermal and thermomechanical optimization. The solutions to the test problems show interesting results, that underline the signicance of including convection and the design-dependent eects thereof.
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Publication statusPublished - 2011
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