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STEM is advocated in policy and practice as an approach to ensuring interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, ensuring a qualified workforce in the future and even more importantly to develop responsible citizens (Bybee, 2018). In the integration of STEM disciplines there is a growing concern about the role of Mathematics – i.e. that Mathematics is isolated, falls in the background and does not get the attention it should, given the centrality of Mathematics in all science disciplines. This paper reports a study consisting of 1) the review of 4812 articles to identify STEM learning activities and 2) in-depth analyses of 37 articles, focusing on different roles Mathematics can play in integrated STEM activities. A preliminary result of the study is presented in the form of an analytical construct, which helps identify and clarify the many roles Mathematics potentially can play in integrated STEM. We propose that the construct may contribute clarity in the analysis, design and evaluation of STEM teaching and learning materials.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationESERA 2021 : Fostering scientific citizenship in an uncertain world
Publication statusSubmitted - 2021


  • Mathematics
  • STEM
  • Science Education


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