Splice switching oligonucleotides pseudoexons

Brage Andresen (Inventor), Thomas Doktor (Inventor), Lise Holm (Inventor), Ulrika Simone Spangsberg Petersen (Inventor), Gitte Bruun (Inventor)

Research output: Patent


The present invention relates to a method for identifying splice switching oligonucleotides (SSOs) able to modulate expression of a target protein in a cell by promoting incorporation of a pseudoexon into the mature mRNA upon binding to the pre-mRNA in the region +9 to +39 downstream to the 5' splice site of said pseudoexon. The invention also relates to SSO obtained by said method and uses thereof.

Original languageEnglish
IPCA61K31/7088, C12N15/11,C12N15/113
Patent numberAU2022213196 (A1)
Priority date26/01/2021
Priority numberWO2022EP51790
Publication statusPublished - 10. Aug 2023


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