Soft Robotics and Posthuman Entities

Mads Bering Christiansen, Jonas Jørgensen, Anne-Sofie Emilie Belling, Laura Beloff

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Through collaborative media arts practice we explore texture morphing soft robotics as an artistic medium of expression. We present an installation, Homo Viridis, that features a soft robotic interface developed to mediate signals between a vascular plant and a human body. The exposition paper discusses how Homo Viridis stages a situation of hybridity where individual, more-than-human subjectivities are mentally and physically intertwined. In conclusion, the paper reflects on how connecting organisms through soft robotic interfaces can actualize visions of a novel being - a ‘posthuman entity’. We argue that such a being might be physically composed of organic and synthetic elements that come together, but that it can also exist as a conceptual persona that may initiate discussions on what humans can become.
Original languageEnglish
JournalJournal for Artistic Research
Issue number22
Publication statusPublished - 29. Dec 2020


  • soft robotics
  • the posthuman
  • posthumanism
  • robotic art
  • wearable technologies
  • wearable art
  • media arts
  • plants


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