Semiconductor Physics - theory and experiments. A short introductory undergraduate course

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Semiconductor Physics
Theory and Experiments. With applications to Diode, Light Emitting Diode, Transistor, and Solar Cell

The course material consist of a short textbook and 11 accompanying videos.

I made the videos to replace my lectures during the Corona lock down and I feel that with these, the course material might be useful to other students. I have therefore decided to make it freely available.

Students’ prerequisites
To follow the course, the students should have passed a first-year math calculus course, a 1st year introductory electromagnetism course (e.g., Halliday and Resnik) and a basic 3rd semester introductory quantum mechanics course. An introductory Statistical mechanic’s course is helpful but is not at all needed since a short pragmatic introduction to the Fermi-Dirac distribution is included in the course.

Scope of the course
The course can be run as a 3 or 5 ECTS course. It will provide the students with the following knowledge:

a basic understanding of the physical models based on basic elements of statistical mechanics, quantum mechanics and solid-state physics (all required theory is included in the course, only the above-mentioned pre-knowledge is required)
on this basis the student derives expressions for important basic physical properties of semiconductor devices.
Next, the student designs and performs practical experiments that

explore the validity of the theory developed by the student
and give a good understanding of the physics behind and the practical application of semiconductor devices like semiconductor doping, diode, light emitting diode, npn-transistor, and solar cell
Outcome for the student
By answering the problems and performing the experiments in the textbook, the student will write his or her own short textbook (typically 25-35 pages long) which includes the basic physical theory and experimental verification of the developed theory as well as practical examples of technological applications of semiconductors.
Original languageEnglish
Publication date23. Jan 2023
Number of pages30
Publication statusPublished - 23. Jan 2023


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