On the parameterized complexity of 2-partitions

J.B. Andersen*, J. Bang-Jensen*, A. Yeo*

*Corresponding author for this work

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We give an FPT algorithm for deciding whether the vertex set of a digraph D can be partitioned into two disjoint sets V 1,V 2 such that the digraph D[V 1] induced by V 1 has a vertex that can reach all other vertices by directed paths, the digraph D[V 2] has no vertex of in-degree zero and |V i|≥k i, where k 1,k 2 are part of the input. This settles an open problem from [1,4].

Original languageEnglish
JournalTheoretical Computer Science
Pages (from-to)97-105
Publication statusPublished - 6. Dec 2020


  • 2-partition
  • Directed graph
  • FPT algorithm
  • Out-branching
  • Parameterized complexity


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