Non-perturbative renormalization of the static axial current in two-flavour QCD

Michele Della Morte, Patrick Fritzsch, Jochen Heitger

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We perform the non-perturbative renormalization of matrix elements of the static-light axial current by a computation of its scale dependence in lattice QCD with two flavours of massless O(a) improved Wilson quarks. The regularization independent factor that relates any running renormalized matrix element of the axial current in the static effective theory to the renormalization group invariant one is evaluated in the Schroedinger functional scheme, where in this case we find a significant deviation of the non-perturbative running from the perturbative prediction. An important technical ingredient to improve the precision of the results consists in the use of modified discretizations of the static quark action introduced earlier by our collaboration. As an illustration how to apply the renormalization of the static axial current presented here, we connect the bare matrix element of the current to the B_s-meson decay constant in the static approximation for one value of the lattice spacing, a ~ 0.08 fm, employing large-volume N_f=2 data at beta=5.3.
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Publication statusPublished - 30. Nov 2006

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33 pages including figures and tables, latex2e, uses JHEP3.cls; version published in JHEP, small additions, results unchanged

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