Motivational Interviewing and livestyle

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Obesity is worldwide an epidemic. Adolescence who have not had successful weight loss through childhood and the teenage years face to enter adulthood with not only the extra pounds but also with a low self esteem and the danger of being stigmatized. Further the obese adolescence may face lifestyle illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure or problems with reproduction.


To explore how Motivational Interviewing can help staff to understand and communicate a higher level when working with obese adolescence.


This project is a sub-project to a PhD. project. Staffs are trained in Motivational Interviewing. O Selected obese adolescence are during a period of six months interviewed using Motivational Interviewing by staff. After the six months the staffs are interviewed about how they experienced the level of communication and the adolescence interest in and ability to speak about for example lifestyle problems or challenges as such in their lives. The staff will be assed using METICO coding. A video scoring system developed to analyze and score use of Motivational Interviewing


It is well documented that Motivational Interviewing is effective when working with lifestyle changes as well as behavioral changes. The result of this project has not yet been finalized but will be ready for the conference in 2011.


Obese Adolescence is a neglected group caught in-between childhood/teenagers and adulthood. Many have already been fighting with obesity for years. Others need guidance and support on for example lifestyle management. Motivational Interviewing is a well documented communication tool to use in health prevention and health promotion with the group of adolescence.

Original languageEnglish
Publication date12. Jul 2019
Publication statusPublished - 12. Jul 2019
EventThe School Nurses International 16th Biennial Conference - Hong Kong University, Hong Kong
Duration: 27. Jul 201129. Jul 2011


ConferenceThe School Nurses International 16th Biennial Conference
Location Hong Kong University
CityHong Kong

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