Milestone 10 - Report: Metadata of the social science data sent to WP1

Lill Rastad Bjørst, Naja Carina Steenholdt, Grete Hovelsrud, Maiken Bjørkan

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This is an overview of current metadata needs for the social science related to our three main case study regions: The Disko Bay (West Greenland), Isfjorden (Svalbard) and the Porsangerfjord (Northern Norway). The report provides a brief introduction to the mapping of data conducted so far, which will function as our point of departure for the next milestones focusing on the case study design and coming dialogue with local communities preparing for the co-production of knowledge processes for understanding societal and environmental changes. One unique aspect of FACE-IT is that we are not looking at one-directional impacts, which is often the case in climate research where the typical approach is to understanding how climate change impacts society. In FACE-IT, we are also studying how local human activities are having an impact on biodiversity and the coastal ecosystems. To do this successfully, we need data on both the extent of human activities and how these may change biodiversity and the ecosystems. The social scientists, therefore, need data on ecosystem and biodiversity changes over time. One of the most significant gaps in climate research is a failure to attend to climate emergencies in everyday life. In WP4, it is the ambition to study linkages between social and environmental changes by applying the SES framework (social-ecological systems) and in that way to develop novel insights on adaptive co-management for sustainability and future livelihoods. The SES serves as a framework to diagnose the sustainability of socio-ecological systems. In this report, we will draw inspiration from the SES framework to identify relevant social science data and potential data needs from WP1. Since the beginning of FACE-IT, we have developed the SES framework (Fig. 1). The new elements added are marked with the color red. We expect to make further developments (to the model) as we conduct ethnographic fieldwork and scenario workshops.
H2020 Project - Grant no.: 869154
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages14
Publication statusPublished - 1. May 2021
Externally publishedYes

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H2020 Project - Grant no.: 869154


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