MeWeSpace og de æstetiske læreprocesser: Forskningsbaseret notat om æstetiske læreprocesser

Translated title of the contribution: MeWeSpace and Aestætic Learning: Research memo on aestetic learning

Research output: Non-textual formInteractive productionCommunication


The MeWe Space is a platform for learning through creativity and innovation in playfull learning communities. It is anetwork and a physical and digital learning space supporting and engaging students in aesthetic learning processes. MeWe Space
is an experimental learning space and engages through student productions movement, play, IT and learning as integrated elements. By alternating between learning approaches and involving the aesthetic and empirical dimension develops the student's professional judgment; aesthetic experiences train the student's interpretation of the learning situation and create a bridge between the student's experience and new knowledge
Translated title of the contributionMeWeSpace and Aestætic Learning: Research memo on aestetic learning
Original languageDanish
Publication date2017
Publication statusPublished - 2017


  • Aestetic learning
  • Technology and learning
  • Playfull learning
  • Experimental learning

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