Metasurface-enabled broadband beam splitters integrated with quarter-wave plate functionality

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Conventional beam splitters and wave plates, while being essential components in diverse optical systems, require considerable space, especially when used in combination. Here, we designed and experimentally demonstrated metasurface-enabled efficient broadband beam splitters integrated with quarter-wave plate (QWP) functionality for simultaneous power splitting and circular-to-linear polarization conversion in the near-infrared range. By utilizing two different gap-plasmon meta-atoms, which function as QWPs performing efficient circular-to-linear polarization conversion and provide the phase difference of π between reflected linearly polarized beams, we designed a metasurface that completely suppress the specular reflection (zero-order diffraction) and second-order diffraction, while ensuring efficient and equal beam splitting of a circularly polarized wave into two reflected beams with predesigned directions and well-defined linear-polarization states in the wavelength range of 750–950 nm. The fabricated metasurface exhibits excellent performance of circular-to-linear conversion and power splitting, with efficient suppression of specular reflection (<1%) and splitting efficiencies above 50% for both right and left circularly polarized excitation at the design wavelength of λ = 850 nm. By enabling the combined functionalities of a conventional beam splitter and a QWP, our approach opens up new prospects for advanced research and applications targeting photonics integration and miniaturization.
Original languageEnglish
Issue number26
Pages (from-to)14106-14111
Publication statusPublished - 14. Jul 2020


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