Mechanism for dispensing biological material

Niels Ohlsen (Inventor)

Research output: Patent


A dispenser unit (1) for dispensing biological material, e.g. larvae or insects etc. The dispenser unit has a rotary arrangement (2) with a drive shaft (3) and a plurality of protruding vanes (4) positioned inside a housing (10) for encasing the rotary arrangement to form chambers (5) for containing biological material between respective neighbouring vanes and an inner wall (11) of the housing. A track (6) on the housing serves to engage with each vane or movable element to control the volume of the chamber between an inlet opening (20) in a top part of the housing and an outlet opening (21) in a bottom part of the housing. This allows the biological material to be received in the chambers at the inlet opening (20) and dispensed from the chambers (5) at the outlet opening (21) during rotation of the rotary arrangement. The dispensing unit is designed to provide for an expanding chamber volume as the chambers are being rotated from the inlet opening to the outlet opening. The dispenser unit has proven to provide a low mortality e.g. for dispensing living larvae. It can be transported by a drone or the like to spread biological material over a large area.

Original languageEnglish
IPCB64D 1/ 18 A I
Patent numberWO2020225307
Filing date06/05/2020
Priority date07/05/2019
Priority numberEP20190172981
Publication statusPublished - 12. Nov 2020

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