Long-term ultrasound follow-up in patients with small gallbladder polyps

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Introduction: Gallbladder polyps often have a benign appearance by ultrasonography. Even so, the current guideline recommends follow-up in gallbladder polyps < 6 mm. The aim of this study was to investigate long-term follow-up growth of polyps in patients with a polyp size < 6 mm in a ten-year cohort. Methods: Abdominal ultrasonography reports from 2007 to 2009 were reviewed, including reports on patients diagnosed with a gallbladder polyp (polyp size < 6 mm) during the 2007-2009 period. The patients were invited to a final follow-up ultrasonography of the gallbladder conducted during October 2019 to February 2020. A total of 154 patients were included (100 women and 54 men). Results: In 53 patients (34.4%), the polyp was not visible at the ultrasonography follow-up. Gallbladder polyps were confirmed in 101 (65.6%) patients. A total of 49 patients had a single polyp (31.8%) and 52 (33.8%) patients had multiple polyps. The median size of the gallbladder polyp was 4 mm (range: 2.0-5.9 mm) at baseline compared with 4 mm (range: 1.7-15.0 mm) at the follow-up. A total of 15 patients experienced polyp growth of 2 mm or more. None developed gallbladder cancer. Conclusions: Our study showed that gallbladder polyps < 6 mm has a low probability of increasing in size. None of the patients with small polyps developed gallbladder cancer. Funding: none. Trial registration: not relevant.
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JournalDanish Medical Journal
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Publication statusPublished - 4. Sep 2020

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