Lattice calculations of the leading hadronic contribution to (g-2)_mu

Michele Della Morte, Benjamin Jäger, Andreas Jüttner, Hartmut Wittig

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We report on our ongoing project to calculate the leading hadronic contribution to the anomalous magnetic moment of the muon a_mu^HLO using two dynamical flavours of non-perturbatively O(a) improved Wilson fermions. In this study, we changed the vacuum polarisation tensor to a combination of local and point-split currents which significantly reduces the numerical effort. Partially twisted boundary conditions allow us to improve the momentum resolution of the vacuum polarisation tensor and therefore the determination of the leading hadronic contribution to (g-2)_mu. We also extended the range of ensembles to include a pion mass below 200 MeV which allows us to check the non-trivial chiral behaviour of a_mu^HLO.
Original languageUndefined/Unknown
JournalP o S - Proceedings of Science
Publication statusPublished - 6. Nov 2012

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7 pages, 3 figures, 1 table, talk presented at the 30th International Symposium on Lattice Field Theory (Lattice2012), Cairns, Australia

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