Internationalisation of Degree Programmes: Symposium: Teaching and Learning in the International Classroom

Donna Hurford, Anne Skov Jensen

Research output: Contribution to conference without publisher/journalConference abstract for conferenceResearchpeer-review


The focus of this presentation’s contribution to the Symposium is how SDU is addressing the incorporation of international dimensions into its courses in order to enhance all students’ learning. Currently SDU implements two international dimensions: to recruit international students and to facilitate Danish students studying abroad during their degree programmes. However in this presentation we argue that these approaches are problematic and insufficient. One problem is the two approaches are non-aligned, with Danish students’ international dimension coming from their time abroad whilst international students are bringing their own international dimensions to SDU, which may be overlooked. Secondly, although studying abroad has the potential to build confidence, widen perspectives and enhance employability most Danish students prefer to complete their studies at SDU. This preference for home-based education strengthens the argument for internationalising the students’ study experiences at SDU. And arguably of most importance is the need for teachers to be aware of the rationale for incorporating international dimensions into their course designs and course delivery and to know how to put this into practice. In response to this situation, a pedagogic course on internationalising curricula is currently being offered to teachers at SDU. The workshop framed course, entitled ‘Internationalising the Curriculum’ is an innovative, pedagogic course which is open to teachers from all faculties at SDU. The course has been developed in collaboration with SDU’s international dimension project team and will be led by pedagogic consultants who are based in SDU’s Centre for Teaching and Learning’. However, as evidenced in Harrison’s (2015) review of universities’ ‘internationalisation at home’ strategies, there are challenges ahead. There is no guarantee that teachers or students will welcome internationalising proposals. Therefore one proposal is to encourage teachers to engage students in discussion about the potential international dimensions can bring to their learning and to canvas student perspectives on how to incorporate them into their courses. In terms of pedagogy, the course will focus on how to integrate inclusive, collaborative practices which value diversity and widen perspectives (Killick, 2015; Tange & Kastberg, 2013). The course comprises two half day workshops which frame time for action. During the first workshop participants will be invited to engage with and evaluate research and experience based internationalisation strategies. During the two months between the two workshops there is the expectation that participants will adapt, incorporate and evaluate strategies from workshop one into their course design or current courses. And during workshop two, participants will share and provide peer feedback on how they integrated international dimensions into their courses, together with their and if possible student evaluations of the initiatives. By the time of the DUN conference both workshops will have been completed. This presentation will provide: • an outline of the recommended international dimension strategies and practices • insights into ways in which course participants adapted them and integrated them into their course design or courses • participants and where possible students’ evaluations of the initiatives • course developers’ reflections on the course and the evaluations During the presentation we will welcome DUN delegates’ reflections on the initiative.
Original languageEnglish
Publication date2016
Publication statusPublished - 2016
EventDansk Universitetspædagisk Netværk Konference 2016: Ledelse, udvikling og overlevelse på universitetet - Nyborg Strand, Nyborg, Denmark
Duration: 17. May 201618. May 2016


ConferenceDansk Universitetspædagisk Netværk Konference 2016
LocationNyborg Strand


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