... hvornår kommer de FANDENS FUSIONER?

Niels Mandøe Glæsner, Katrin Hjort

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Denmark is one of a small number of countries in which institutions offering bachelor level degrees in nursing, teaching and social work have not merged into the traditional university sector, but is organized in so-called University Colleges. During the last 20 years, the education of the welfare professionals have been the reorganized through extensive horizontal mergers in the last 20 years, reducing the number of institutions from 117 to 7. Vertical mergers between UC-s and Universities have not yet been realized but the question is for how long this will be the case. A potential future scenario is that a 5-year teaching degrees and master’s level degrees in welfare management will breach the barrier between the two sectors. Other scenarios that could change the UC sector profoundly include sales of buildings, local sponsorships and/or transnational purchases.
Original languageDanish
JournalTidsskrift for professionsstudier
Issue number26
Pages (from-to)40-51
Publication statusPublished - 2018

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