Glycomic and sialoproteomic data of gastric carcinoma cells overexpressing ST3GAL4

Stefan Mereiter, Ana Magalhães, Barbara Adamczyk, Chunsheng Jin, Andreia Almeida, Lylia Drici, Maria Ibáñez-Vea, Martin R Larsen, Daniel Kolarich, Niclas G Karlsson, Celso A Reis

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Gastric carcinoma MKN45 cells stably transfected with the full-length ST3GAL4 gene were characterised by glycomic and sialoproteomic analysis. Complementary strategies were applied to assess the glycomic alterations induced by ST3GAL4 overexpression. The N- and O-glycome data were generated in two parallel structural analyzes, based on PGC-ESI-MS/MS. Data on glycan structure identification and relative abundance in ST3GAL4 overexpressing cells and respective mock control are presented. The sialoproteomic analysis based on titanium-dioxide enrichment of sialopeptides with subsequent LC-MS/MS identification was performed. This analysis identified 47 proteins with significantly increased sialylation. The data in this article is associated with the research article published in Biochim Biophys Acta "Glycomic analysis of gastric carcinoma cells discloses glycans as modulators of RON receptor tyrosine kinase activation in cancer" [1].

Original languageEnglish
JournalData in Brief
Pages (from-to)814-833
Publication statusPublished - Jun 2016



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Mereiter, S., Magalhães, A., Adamczyk, B., Jin, C., Almeida, A., Drici, L., Ibáñez-Vea, M., Larsen, M. R., Kolarich, D., Karlsson, N. G., & Reis, C. A. (2016). Glycomic and sialoproteomic data of gastric carcinoma cells overexpressing ST3GAL4. Data in Brief, 7, 814-833.