Focused lung ultrasound for diagnosing iatrogen pneumothorax after transbronchial lung cryobiopsy

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Background: Transbronchial lung cryobiopsy (TBCB) is a diagnostic tool for patients suspected of interstitial lung disease (ILD). Iatrogen pneumothorax (PTX) is a common and important TBCB complication. This study aimed to assess the diagnostic accuracy of post-procedure focused lung ultrasound (FLUS) for diagnosing PTX in ILD patients undergoing TBCB.Methods: In patients suspected of ILD undergoing TBCB, FLUS of the anterior surface of the chest was performed immediately before and after the TBCB procedure prior to extubation. Presence of lung point was used as a definite sign of PTX. Change from presence to absence of lung sliding (but no lung point) following the procedure was used as a sign of possible PTX. Chest x-ray was performed routinely 2 hours after the procedure in all patients and used as reference test.Results: Eighty-three consecutive patients were included in the study. The reference test identified PTX in ten patients (12.1%). Six of these were treated with drainage and four treated conservatively. FLUS identified none with possible PTX and two with definite PTX, one of whom had a large PTX requiring immediate treatment. The diagnostic accuracy of FLUS for diagnosing PTX was: sensitivity 20% (95%CI: 2.52-55.6%), specificity 100% (95%CI: 95-100%), positive predictive value 100% (95%CI: 15.8-100%), negative predictive value 90% (95%CI: 81.2-95.6%).Conclusion: FLUS following TBCB procedure can be used safely to identify patients needing immediate treatment for PTX. It can, however, not be used to rule out development of PTX with need of treatment later in the post-procedure period.FootnotesCite this article as: European Respiratory Journal 2019; 54: Suppl. 63, PA4829.This is an ERS International Congress abstract. No full-text version is available. Further material to accompany this abstract may be available at (ERS member access only).
Original languageEnglish
JournalEuropean Respiratory Journal
Issue numbersuppl. 63
Pages (from-to)PA4829
Publication statusPublished - 28. Sept 2019
EventERS International Congress 2019 - Madrid, Spain
Duration: 28. Sept 20192. Oct 2019


ConferenceERS International Congress 2019


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