Failsafe powerline engagement system for a drone or for an aerial robot

Emad Ebeid (Inventor)

Research output: Patent


A powerline engagement system (300) for mounting on a drone (200) or configured to form part of a drone to be engaged with a powerline (100) is disclosed. The system comprises a split core gripper (301), which may be a split core current transformer, having a first part (302) and at least one second part (303) movably connected to the first part. The at least one second part is movable, by use of an actuator (308), between a closed configuration in which a closed circuit is formed, and an open configuration in which there is an upwardly facing gap (305) for letting a powerline pass there through to allow for the engagement. During faulty operation conditions, the at least one second part can be automatically moved from the closed configuration to the open configuration in order to disengage the powerline engagement system from the powerline. Thus, the drone can fall down by gravity so that there is no need for a person to come up to the powerline to release it.

Original languageEnglish
IPCH02G 1/ 02 A I
Patent numberWO2021048201
Filing date09/09/2020
Priority date10/09/2019
Priority numberEP20190196418
Publication statusPublished - 18. Mar 2021


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