Digital Insights: Digital Consumer-Response to Advertising

Research output: ThesisPh.D. thesis


This dissertation forwards the theory of digital consumer-response as a perspective to examine how digital media practices influence consumers’ response to advertising. Digital consumer-response is a development of advertising theory that encompasses how consumers employ their knowledge and practices with digital media, when they meet and interpret advertising. Through studies of advertising response on YouTube and experiments with consumers’ response to digitally manipulated images, the dissertation shows how digital media practices facilitate polysemic and socially embedded advertising response.
The dissertation argues that digital consumer-response changes our understanding of texts, contexts, consumers, and agency, because digital consumer-response operates with a discursive analytical perspective, as opposed to the micro-textual analyses of much advertising research. Further, by incorporating media as both channel, frame, and apparatus for advertising response, the dissertation brings into attention that more aspects than the text-reader relationship influence ad response.
Finally, the dissertation proposes the assemblage approach for exploring big data in consumer culture research, thereby showing how quantitative data can be employed in qualitative analyses.

Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2012

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