Development of a model for shared care between general practice and mental healthcare: a protocol for a co-production study

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Introduction Mental health illness represents one of the
greatest health burdens in the world. It is well documented
that treatment of these illnesses could be optimised
through strengthened collaboration between general
practice and specialised mental healthcare services
(shared care). Furthermore, involvement of users in the
design of new interventions to strengthen end-user value
and sustainability is key. Therefore, the aim of this study
is to develop a shared care intervention in co-production
with users.
Methods and analysis The study will take place at
psychiatric outpatient clinics in Denmark.
The project is described in four sequential steps, each
informing and leading into the next: a systematic review (step
1) will be followed by an exploratory study investigating how
stakeholders (general practitioners, mental healthcare staff
and patients) perceive existing treatment and collaboration
between general practice and mental health services. Steps
1 and 2 will inform and qualify the intervention that will be
developed in step 3 as a co-creation study. Step 4 will assess
the intervention in a feasibility study. Step 4 will be designed
as a non-randomised intervention study with a control group
with preassessments and postassessments. In total, 240
patients will be recruited. Questionnaires will be administered
to the participants at their first visit to an outpatient clinic and
again after 3 months. The primary outcome will be patients’
self-reported mental health status (Short Form Health Survey,
SF-36) and recovery (revised Recovery Assessment Scale,
RAS-R). Recruitment will take place from June 2023 to May
Ethics and dissemination The project is approved by
the ethics committee (REG-016–2022). Informed consent
based on written and verbal information about the aims,
purpose and use of the study and the data collection will
be obtained from all participants. The study findings will
be published in peer-reviewed journals and presented
at national and international conferences. The study is
registered at
Trial registration number NCT05172375.
Prospero registration number 287989.
Original languageEnglish
Article numbere061575
JournalBMJ Open
Issue number10
Number of pages6
Publication statusPublished - 31. Oct 2022


  • depression & mood disorders
  • general medicine (see internal medicine)
  • mental health
  • Mental Health Services
  • Humans
  • General Practice
  • Systematic Reviews as Topic
  • Mental Health
  • Mental Disorders/therapy
  • Feasibility Studies


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