Developing a Personal-Learning-Portfolio (PLP) for 1st year students at Department of Psychology

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Abstract title:
Developing a Personal-Learning-Portfolio (PLP) for 1st year students at Department of Psychology

Learning outcome of activity:
B01 is the first module of the education in Psychology at University of Southern Denmark (SDU). The aim of B01 is to give the students a ‘map’ or a ‘schemata’ of psychology that they will later expand and modify throughout their education. This is done by introducing the students to the history of psychology, its theory of science and its different fields. However, feedback from our students told us that the risk of this objective is that the class is experienced to be fragmented.

The goal of developing and introducing a PLP is to reduce the possibility that the students feel the module is fragmented. This is done by giving them a tool that should make them: a) reflect on the relevance of their readings, b) reflect on how the learning objectives are intervened, c) develop their curiosity and show how they can pursue their own learning goals, and d) strengthen student ‘empowerment’ by showing them that they can influence their own learning.

Description of your activity:
This presentation is based on three parts. First we conduct a narrative review of national and international approaches to PLP that are published on the internet or in academic journals. Focus is on PLP’s developed to be used in higher health care education and by first year students. Based on this review we develop a PLP. This PLP is tested on five advanced students by using two different strategies: first the overall framework of the PLP is discussed and second we conduct cognitive interviews evaluating the comprehensibility and relevance of the questions posed in the PLP. The PLP is then adapted based on the comments from the students. The development and initial testing of the PLP will finish by late August.

Reflective description of experiences with activity as to how your practice can be inspirational/transferable to others (subjects, students, institutions,…)
The presentation will give an overview of existing PLP that are used in higher health care education. This may be an inspiration to others who wish to develop and implements PLPs. Second, we will show the format of our particular Personal-Learning-Portfolio together with reflections on why it was developed in such a way. This includes the students’ opinions about the PLP and the results of the cognitive interviews.
Original languageDanish
Publication date2016
Publication statusPublished - 2016
EventTeaching for Active Learning: TAL 16 - Syddansk Universitet, Odense, Denmark
Duration: 1. Nov 20161. Nov 2016


ConferenceTeaching for Active Learning
LocationSyddansk Universitet
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