Death from Above: The History and Evolution of Drone Warfare

JI Rogers, Caroline Kennedy-Pipe

Research output: Book/reportMonographResearchpeer-review


This book provides an introduction to the core concepts, issues and controversies of Drone Warfare. It traces the origins, evolution and development of drone warfare and its core issues and controversies. Beginning with an examination of the Gulf War in 1991 through to the Kosovo Campaign of 1999 it then addresses the use of drones in Iraq and Afghanistan. Both wars escalated into full blown counter-insurgencies the armed drone became the weapon of choice. The specific use of drone warfare by President Obama and all the consequent controversies over ethics, law and sovereignty are examined. In this sense the overall intervention of this book will be to trace, explain and interrogate how this technology impacted upon decision making, strategy and political choices over countering and killing insurgents, terrorists and potential opponents of the West. A final chapter will focus on current and future trends in the use of drones by both the US and its allies but also by Russia, China and India. Although perhaps futuristic, we posit that drones will be used in a variety of conflicts. Here we also examine the place of the drone in so-called hybrid wars of the future.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherManchester University Press
Number of pages200
ISBN (Print)1526127490
ISBN (Electronic)9781526127495
Publication statusIn preparation - 2022


  • Drones
  • History
  • strategy
  • weapons
  • proliferaiton
  • war

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