A strategy for the computation of m_b including 1/m terms

Michele Della Morte, Nicolas Garron, Rainer Sommer, Mauro Papinutto

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We consider HQET including the first order correction in 1/m. A strategy for the computation of the b-quark mass is discussed. Only two quantities Phi_1/2 have to be considered in order to match QCD and HQET, since the spin-dependent interaction is easily eliminated due to the spin symmetry of the static theory. Quite simple formulae relate the renormalization group invariant b-quark mass (M_b) to the B-meson mass. All entries in these formulae are non-perturbatively defined and can be computed in the continuum limit of the lattice regularized theory. For the numerically most critical part, we illustrate the cancellation of power divergences by a numerical example. Numerical results for the 1/m correction to M_b, are presented in a companion talk.
Original languageUndefined/Unknown
JournalPoS LAT
Publication statusPublished - 22. Sep 2005

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Talk presented at Lattice 2005 (Heavy quark physics), 5 pages

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Morte, M. D., Garron, N., Sommer, R., & Papinutto, M. (2005). A strategy for the computation of m_b including 1/m terms. PoS LAT.