A sorting system for sorting objects

Simon Mathiesen (Inventor), Aljaz Kramberger (Inventor)

Research output: Patent


A sorting system for sorting objects, such as nuts and bolts. The system comprises a container with assorted objects and/or a container with substantially identical objects to be sorted, a robotic manipulator, such as a robotic arm, within reach of the container. A scoop (10) is mounted on the flange of the robotic arm, for scooping up objects from the container. The scoop is designed with an inlet (11), a funnel (14) at the inlet and a groove (17), wherein the funnel is designed for feeding objects into the groove and the groove is specifically designed for sorting through objects and aligning specific objects within the groove. As some objects do not settle within the groove directly from the funnel, the robotic arm can perform translational and/or rotational movements, shuffling the objects within the scoop, settling and aligning additional objects within the scoop. The objects, now aligned within the groove, are oriented so as to be grasped by a robotic gripper for sorting.

Original languageEnglish
IPCB65G 47/ 52 A I
Patent numberWO2020074719
Filing date11/10/2019
Priority date12/10/2018
Priority numberDK2018PA70670
Publication statusPublished - 16. Apr 2020


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