Improved Enzyme Activity and Recycling for Biofuel Conversion

  • Rosen, Christian Bech (Head coordinator)

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An increasing worldwide energy demand combined with the eventual depletion of oil supplies
makes biofuel research more important than ever. The use of cellulase enzymes for biomass
depolymerization constitutes a highly promising concept in future biofuel production. Cellulase
enzymes are robust and tolerant to various conditions, which is valuable for industrial use.
Furthermore, they can be purified from numerous organisms in sizable amounts. However, despite
advances in handling and purification cellulases add significant costs to feedstock processing, and
the huge quantities required for industrial applications is a current limitation to the approach. The
way to overcome these limitations may be to enable enzyme recycling through sophisticated protein
The proposed project constitutes a change of research area for me. A postdoctoral fellowship
under the supervision of Prof. M. B. Francis would allow me to acquire new profound knowledge
and establish world-class expertise within a highly important research field. Altogether, this will
greatly enhance my skill set, expand my international scientific network and prepare me for my
future independent academic career.
Effective start/end date15/03/201514/03/2017