Untapped Language Talent- Migrant Rsources in Business and Entrepreneurship NOS-HS Workshop

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Institutional actors, governments and corporations are complaining about the fragmentation of the “system” and related knowledge on how to approach and integrate migrant talent, especially informal, hidden and different talent, like linguistic capabilities, that often remain below the radar and underemployed. On the other hand, there are excellent programs, experiences and research findings to be shared in the Nordic context, e.g. by Red Cross, diasporas and businesses like “Business Unplugged”. The idea of the workshops is to bring the key stakeholders together presenting experiences and their best practices on talent-in-use in three Nordic countries and then to exploit and develop this experiential knowledge into research and a common guideline in cooperation with UNCTAD to support all stakeholders.
Effective start/end date31/01/202030/09/2022