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The general objective of the Beta Trainer 1.0 project is to promote a positive behaviour among young athletes, by raising awareness regarding towards the need for preparing an “exit strategy” after the end of the sportive career and by offering an opportunity for young athletes to have an innovative professional profile at already at the beginning of their sport career.The model is based on a training program aimed at young athletes, students aged 14-18.•To sensitize and to raise awareness about the need for European athletes to think about an “exit strategy” outside the sport’s world, by targeting the action directly on young athletes, schools and sport associations in different EU countries.•To identify and to officialise a way, validated at EU level by educational & training experts as well as by sport federations, to include modules able to promote dual career and transition to post-sport career in traditional training paths in schools for young athletes, by promoting career as sport trainer already during school education,•To test the “Beta Trainer 1.0” model in different EU countries by means of training pilot paths targeted to young athletes in age 14-19 years. The aim is to have a more customized model on target group’s needs.•To spread and, if possible, to pave the way for a transferring “Beta Trainer 1.0” Model in countries other than the partners’ ones, by setting up a “transferability plan” (Guidelines) including both measures for raising awareness and methodologies for activating training actions;•To set up local promotional campaigns, coordinated at EU level, able to identify a “testimonial” (a high-level athlete at country level) and to “use” it as a model for young generations, oriented towards media and new media channels, aimed at favouring a culture of sport including also thinking about an alternative career after sport. 
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Effective start/end date01/01/201931/12/2020


  • dual career
  • coaching
  • cross-national
  • talent development
  • elite sport