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The Thermal Grid can ensure supply of heating in remote areas where central heating is not available and at the same time save energy. It is also expected that the Thermal Grid can secure the basis for buildings being part of the future smart energy system. Due to the fact that it is relatively cheap the Thermal Grid is predicted to have great potential not only in Denmark but also in other countries where central heating is not so common.

This particular project is based on 19 plots of land for building detached houses with vertical ground source heat drillings in the Municipality of Middelfart. When houses are build on the plots they will be fitted with a range of meters. It is expected to be 19 different houses with a variety of heat pump solutions giving us a unique possibility to collect data that has previously not been available.

The collected data will be used to verify modeling of the Thermal Grid done by Center for Energy Informatics. The model will document the effects of combining drillings in a Thermal Grid. The data will also be used to document the performance of heat pumps.

In a long term perspective the project will further more contribute to a modeling, simulation, and analysis platform for the Grid that can be extended with multi objective optimization components used when implementing the smart energy grid.

Moreover the project will be a source for student projects and case studies benefitting future students at Energy Technology education at SDU.
Effective start/end date01/06/201731/05/2018

Collaborative partners

  • Geodrilling (Project partner)
  • EWII (Project partner)
  • NorthQ (Project partner)
  • Kamstrup A/S (Project partner)
  • IC Meter (Project partner)
  • Middelfart Kommune (Project partner)
  • SDU Center for Energy Informatics (lead)


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