The International Diabetes and Hypertension Research Group in seafaring, fishing and transport workers

  • Jensen, Olaf Chresten (Head coordinator)

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The International Diabetes and Hypertension Research Group for fishers, seafarers and other transport workers was created in a Zoom conference by specialists in diabetes epidemiology, diabetology, occupational/maritime epidemiology, maritime medicine and public health with participation from Russia, Denmark, Greenland, Spain, France, Panamá and The Filippines with the primary tasks:
1. Screening for T2DM and Hypertension via routine medical exams
2. Revision of the ILO Guidelines for medical examinations of seafarers
3. Contribute to the Revision of the WHO International Medical Guide for Ships
4. Contribute to the Revision of the EU Ships Medical Chest

Key findings

The aim is to provide a foundation for safe and healthy preventive strategies within the UN Global Sustainable Goals, especially Goal 3: Good health and well-being for all workers and Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth and Goal 17: Partnerships for goals

Layman's description

The International Diabetes and Hypertension Research Group in seafaring, fishing and transport workers:
Tidlig opsporing, behandling og forebyggelse af sukkersyge type 2 og forhøjet blodtryk ved de obligatoriske helbredsundersøgelser for fiskere, sømænd og andre transportarbejdere. Forebyggelsen sker i samarbejde med flere parthavere inklusive søfartslægerne, rederierne og udvalgte skibe.
Short titleT2DM/Hypertension research
Effective start/end date12/01/202212/01/2032

Collaborative partners

  • University of the Philippines (lead)
  • French Society of Maritime Medicine Brest
  • University Hospital of Brest
  • Departamento de Sanidad Marítima ISM, SEMM, Tarragona (España)
  • University of Cádiz
  • German Embassy Moscow
  • Caja Seguro Social
  • Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen
  • Steno Diabetes Center Greenland
  • Arbejdsmiljøinstituttet (AMI), København
  • ​Bispebjerg Hospital


  • Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
  • seafarers' well-being
  • transport workers
  • Fishermen
  • Hypertension


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