The Break-Up of Greater Britain

  • Pedersen, Christian Damm (Head coordinator)
  • Ward, Stuart James (Head coordinator)
  • Webster, Wendy (Project participant)
  • Bickers, Robert (Project participant)
  • Natarajan, Kalathmika (Project participant)
  • Sapire, Hilary (Project participant)
  • Lowry, Donal (Project participant)
  • Dilley, Andrew (Project participant)
  • Stockwell, Sarah (Project participant)
  • Curran, James (Project participant)
  • Burkett, Jodi (Project participant)
  • Mercau, Ezequiel (Project participant)
  • Smith, Jean (Project participant)
  • Howe, Stephen (Project participant)

Project: Research

Project Details

Effective start/end date02/07/201801/09/2021


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