• Schultz, Helen (Head coordinator)
  • Steemann Kristensen, Kristine (Project participant)
  • Larsen, Malene Kaas (Project participant)
  • Abrahamsen, Line Maria (Project participant)
  • Mortensen, Connie (Project participant)
  • Qvist, Niels (Project participant)

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Aim: The study investigates how educating surgical nurses in shared decision-making about medical treatment affects patients’ and nurses’ experiences of pain management and patient involvement in medical treatment.
Background: Patient involvement in medical treatment is requested by patients, as they want more information about the treatment and to adjust it to their everyday lives. The World Health Organization (WHO) has with the “Medication without harm” program announced that communication between patients and health care professionals about medication must be improved. The use of shared decision-making might be the answer to the patients’ requests, but there is a gap of knowledge in the field.
Methods: The study has a comparative pre- and post-intervention design using qualitative and quantitative methods. The study is performed in 2020 – 2021 in a surgical department with 80 beds and 110 nurses in the Region of Southern Denmark. Data is collected through a field study, a questionnaire study, and a medical file review. The study includes 200 patients and 24 nurses.
The study intervention includes educating surgical nurses on a shared decision-making model and how they can use it in communication with patients about medical treatment. Shared decision-making about medical treatment is an approach where the patients inform the professionals about their experiences and preferences about medication, and the professionals inform the patients about treatment options and medication precautions. Subsequently, patients and health professionals make a shared decision about the medical treatment and administration.
Perspectives and implications for practice: The study expects to provide knowledge about how shared decision-making about medical treatment and administration can improve patient experience and satisfaction. We expect that findings from this study can be transferred to other groups of health professionals, departments, and hospitals in Western countries.

Key findings

Start januar 2020
Short titleSNAK OM
Effective start/end date02/12/2019 → …


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