Shipping Lab: WP1.2 Digital vessel operations

Project: Regional Foundations

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The Danish Government stated the ambition to maintain and expand the Blue Denmark’s position as a growth engine in the Danish economy. ShippingLab implements this ambition, having stakeholders across the maritime industry joining efforts on pre-competitive initiatives. The common goal in ShippingLab is to create Denmark’s first autonomous, environmental friendly ship.

Long-term aim is to secure Blue Denmark’s position in the forefront of the global market. Short-term goal is to create quantifiable value by technology innovation in three core areas 1) digital vessel operations, 2) autonomy, and 3) de-carbonization.

The work package 1 is the digital vessel operations to improve the ship performance during operation where we are an actively research participant (WP 1.2). The two major tasks we are in charge of consists of :
1) the development of data-driven methodology to identify sailing routes based on AIS data and the build of route library (Successfully completed & Delivered)
2) the advanced diagnostics of noon report to improve data quality (Ongoing)
Effective start/end date01/10/202030/06/2022

Collaborative partners

  • Torm (Project partner)
  • VPS solutions (Project partner) (lead)


  • Digital Ship Operations
  • Route planning
  • Data driven
  • Machine learning
  • Optimization
  • Advanced diagnostics
  • Data Quality


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