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  • Jensen, Pernille Tine (PI)

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The ROSOR program provides new aspects of scientific knowledge on robotic assisted laparoscopic surgery (RALS) needed to ensure the evidence based use of the technique. We evaluate several aspects of RALS in its daily use and seek to provide evidence of the superiority over established surgical modalities. The ROSOR program may also add to the existing knowledge as to limitations within the use of RALS. The approach is cross disciplinary and some aspects have to the best of our knowledge not been investigated before within gynecological cancer patients. At present, the ROSOR program consists of five well-defined work-packages (WPs) and all five WPs have assigned PhD students that have been enrolled at SDU. The ROSOR program was developed during the years 2013-14 as a collaborative work between the deparment of Gynecology OUH and the Maersk McKinney Moeller institute SDU TECH

Key findings

National studies on going regarding the sentinel node technique in women with cervical and endometrial cancer
National register study on survial and risk of complications after national introduction of robotic surgery in endometrial cancer
Prospective study on early recovery following robotic surgery
National study on cost and consequences of the implementation of robotic surgery
Exposure study of ergonomy for the surgeon in laparoscopic vs. robotic surgery
Several reviews on the topics mentioned
Study on movement behaviour of the raven robot

Layman's description

ROSOR er et såkaldt frontlinieforskningsprogram der søger at afdække forskellige aspekter indenfor kirurgisk robotkirurgi.
Vi kigger på patientperspektivet, ny skånsom operationsteknikker, økonomien ved indførelse af robotkirurgi, ergonomien for kirurgen og mere tekniske aspekter hvor vi lærer robotten at udføre selvstændige opgaver ud fra kirurgens oplæring
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