Rejsemidler fra lundbeckfonden: Lineage specific remodeling of human mesenchymal stem cells

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I am seeking for financial support to attend the meeting “Metabolic Signaling and
Disease: From Cell to Organism” at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Long Island, NY.
The invited speakers of this meeting are leaders in the field of metabolic signaling and includes a large number of top researchers in the field of transcriptional regulation I have been working as a PostDoc in the laboratory of Susanne Mandrup, one of the leading laboratories in the field of transcriptional regulation and metabolism, since April 2012. This international post doc experience is an important step on my way to scientific maturity as an independent scientist. My project, which is funded by the Lundbeck Foundation, investigates the decisive mechanisms of lineage determination of mesenchymal stem cells towards adipocytes and osteoblasts. In fact, not only fat tissue,
but also the bone was recently shown to be involved in glucose homeostasis and thus both tissues have an impact on diseases such as diabetes, obesity, dyslipidemia and cardio vascular diseases. In my project I employ advanced genome-wide technologies to unravel the mechanisms of the lineage-associated reprogramming of the chromatin landscape during the differentiation into either lineage. Furthermore, we aim to identify factors, which are crucial for determining the cell fate of the stem cell towards fat or bone forming
cells. The long-term goal is to discover putative targets for the treatment of malformations associated with mesenchymal differentiation.
The above meeting is highly relevant for my current work, as it covers multiple aspects of metabolism and transcriptional regulation including new molecular mechanisms, tissue homeostasis, and physiology. The meeting offers me a unique opportunity to meet some of the best researchers in the field and to get inspiration and valuable input for my own project. This will allow me to place it in the overall picture of metabolic research.
Furthermore with regards to my personal career development the attendance offers me a great chance to get integrated into the scientific field of metabolic signaling and transcriptional regulation, an important milestone for my future scientific career.
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