The Program for Learning Management

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The program for learning management aims to contribute to school development and the strengthening of students' learning and well-being. This is done by ensuring that pedagogical efforts are systematically supported by and consciously work on the basis of data on teaching and student learning and well- being. Two key elements are included in the program: 1) a comprehensive quantitative mapping and 2) a local capacity building, which includes team-based competence development of teachers and educators. Mapping and competence development have been used by both administrations, school managements, teachers and educators.

The program is supported by the AP Møller Fund and the partnership behind the program represents the thirteen participating municipalities a total of 242 schools, almost 80,000 primary school students and more than 10,000 professionals (teachers, educators, managers and administrative staff).

TProgram duration: 2015-2020.

The program is run by the Laboratory for Research-Based School Development and Pedagogical Practice (LSP) at Aalborg University and the Center for Public Competence Development (COK).

My role in the project was: fundraising and program management as part of the COK team - later I was in charge of managing the program for 13 schools in Svendborg Municipality together with the Head of School and colleagues from the school department.
Effective start/end date01/08/201501/08/2020


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