Policing at Sea ( PolSEA)

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Who is acting as the Police at SEA? This question is at the core of PolSEA which deals with the comprehensiveness of the Law of the Sea (LoS) regarding “police functions”: is the LoS providing a policing regime that meets the challenges of a dynamic world? The project starts with the assumption in the legal debate that the LoS concerning policing functions, is providing a comprehensive frame work. The project is putting this assumption to the test; it approaches the questions raised on three levels, which interact closely with each other. On the theoretical level, the issue of comprehensiveness of the LoS in establishing a policing regime at sea is
discussed and a model of understanding is developed. On a second level, the question of non-state actors in connection with policing activities is raised. On the third level, the model developed on the first level is put to the test in three case studies. The project will conclude on the question of whether the LoS needs to be re-considered.

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Effective start/end date01/11/201631/10/2019