Overcoming barriers to improving Occupational health and safety in Myanmar

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The project Overcoming barriers to improving Occupational health and safety in Myanmar offers training to SMEs to improve efficiency and sustainability (OHS) in Myanmar's apparel production and is researching how or if the offered training spills over to other co-located companies. Most research has looked at in-house or supply chains aspects of OHS dissemination but not on how it is spread in clusters. As part of the project, we offers Lean interventions in a series of factories located in or around Yangon and then measure if the interventions or parts of them have been picked up by some of the co-located companies.

The objectives of the project are:

Create a better understanding of the barriers and drivers behind efficient dissemination of so-called integrated OHS knowledge
Identify and analyze what local actors consider as most efficient dissemination mechanisms for knowledge sharing in clusters
Translate these insights into practical capacity building among the labour market institutions.

In this way, the project seeks to contribute to sustained growth and increased productivity of SMEs in Myanmar simultaneously on improving work conditions, health, safety, and welfare of employees at small and medium-sized sewing factories in Myanmar.

The project is implemented in collaboration with local consultants in Myanmar.
Effective start/end date01/01/2020 → 30/04/2024


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