Nordic Chemical Group - Investigation of possible thyroid endpoints in invertebrates to be included in OECD tests guidelines

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There is increasing scientific evidence that invertebrates, like vertebrates, are depend-ent on a thyroid endocrine system during development as well as in later life stages for metabolism and reproduction. The main purpose of the project is to investigate bi-omarkers and endpoints for the detection of thyroid disrupting chemicals in inverte-brates and the long-term purpose is to include such biomarkers and endpoints in OECD invertebrate Test Guidelines to support regulators with a tool to protect invertebrates against TD chemicals. A second purpose is to reduce vertebrate animal testing if it can be proven that invertebrate thyroid sensitive endpoints can raise concern for vertebrate thyroid disruption. The project is a collaboration between DK, SE and N.
Effective start/end date01/01/202031/12/2020