Multimorbidity and My Healthcare Platform: A cross-sectoral intervention guiding digital information related to patients’ discharge from hospital & Good information practice when patients receive a severe diagnosis - Post.doc Projects

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1. Vulnerable patients with multimorbidity need clear ongoing information during the trajectories in the healthcare sectors. Therefore this project aims to shape better and more equal access for person-centered and coherent treatment and care using the information system “My Healthcare Platform,” primarily related to the processes of discharge from hospital.
2. There is a need for successful information procedures during medical investigation in the department of Lung Medicine. Hence, this project aims to explore what is of importance for patients and relatives. With a focus on cases including severe diagnoses, as for example, cancer, it will be investigated what it means to patients and relatives to receive information in various ways. This study will inform future practice.

This project is an affiliation between the research unit PLUZ at the Department of Lung Medicine, Naestved and Roskilde Hospitals, and IRS, SDU, and the Department of Research in NSR Hospitals.
Effective start/end date01/03/201831/12/2020