Maintenance of physical activity after cardiac rehabilitation: a qualitative evaluation (An Exercise First Project)

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Heart disease is a leading cause of death worldwide, and physical activity is an essential part of the prevention of disease, mortality, and hospitalizations. For many, the amount of physical activity decreases after cardiac rehabilitation ends, and a model that supports behavior change with a sustained level of physical activity is imperative. Text messages are an electronic healthcare solution (e-Health), which in most cases have proven to be an effective way to promote an active lifestyle. An e-Health intervention with text messages and behavior change theory is investigated for patients with heart disease to maintain physical activity after cardiac rehabilitation. In a qualitative interview study, the aim is to explore patients’ perspectives of this intervention.
Participants: This project is an affiliation between the research unit PROgrez and Region Zealand and Institute of The Regional Health, University of Southern Denmark.
Short titleFAIR
Effective start/end date02/11/202031/12/2022