De novo protein design: Templating artificial coiled coil structures by an oligonucleotide triplex

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As one of few top international conferences in nucleic acid chemistry and biology, the
International Roundtable meetings, which are held every two years and rotate around the
globe, bring together researchers to share fascinating observations and ground-breaking
discoveries. The goals of the 23rd International Roundtable meeting (IRT2018) are to
highlight the latest developments and innovations in this field, ranging from contemporary
academic, industrial, medical to societal challenges. As its tradition, this conference will
gather world-leading scientists to discuss recent advances in diverse areas related to the
chemistry, biology and medicine of nucleosides, nucleotides and nucleic acids both from
academia and industry, as well as early-stage scientists, PhD students and postdocs to
enable focused discussions, promote exchange of ideas and facilitate networking. With the
intended oral presentation, the applicant also would like to share with the scientific
community upon our latest progress on artificial protein mimics templated by
oligonucleotide triplex via de novo protein design. For a junior independent investigator,
attending this conference would also serve as an invaluable opportunity to have a full
access to many fascinating unpublished work on nucleic acid-related diagnosis and
therapeutics to inspire new ideas, as well as to initiate network building for the academic
professional development.
Effective start/end date26/08/201830/08/2018


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