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Public schooling is an a global scale undergoing extensive changes with focus on increased high quality teaching in language and math, equal opportunities for all students, and open schooling with greater involvement of the local community. To this end educational reforms penetrates both the structural level (school day and organisation) and the process level (the actual teaching routines) making it an impactful and wide-ranging change effort.

Reforms themselfs represents a significant disruption in institutionalised beliefs about teaching. Uncertainty and lack of clear direction may be evident among educators as well as school leaders as deep questions around quality and responsibility for instruction and schooling are raised. Coupled with these disruptions at the classroom/school level, the governments also pressures accountability and monitoring around school performance. To this end it is understandable that the pressure on system-level educational leaders to support reform implementation is also tremendous.

The way in which school and municipal leaders manage this pressure animates this project of cross cultural studies of local planning of the implementation of educational reforms within an American and a Danish context.
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