Leadership in Time of Crisis

  • Shaghaei, Najmeh (Project manager)
  • Fielding, Roger (Project participant)
  • Cohen, Marc (Project participant)
  • Ghesquiere, Elke (Project participant)
  • Nolin, Emma (Project participant)
  • Tatai, Andrea (Project participant)
  • Schmidt-Supprian, Christopher (Project participant)
  • Ball, Joanna (Project participant)
  • Miguel Oliveira Bento Principe, Pedro (Project participant)
  • Pronk, Martine (Project participant)
  • Eveleigh, Alexandra (Project participant)
  • Morley, Fiona (Project participant)
  • Carbery, Alan (Project participant)
  • Casaldaliga, Nuria (Project participant)
  • Knowles, Claire (Project participant)
  • Vidlund, Linda (Project participant)

Project: Research

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It is an advisory piece including 9 themes on the leadership in time of Crisis at university libraries
Effective start/end date01/04/2020 → …