Key parameters and processes affecting the re-establishment of eelgrass in estuaries and coastal waters

  • Flindt, Mogens (Coordinator)
  • Sand-Jensen, Kaj (Coordinator)
  • Nielsen, Søren Laurentius (Coordinator)
  • Kristensen, Erik (Coordinator)
  • Borum, Jens (Coordinator)
  • Olesen, Birgit (Coordinator)
  • Rasmussen, Erik Kock (Coordinator)
  • Pedersen, Morten Foldager (Project participant)
  • Banta, Gary (Project participant)
  • Bøgh Pedersen, Cathrine (Project participant)
  • Krause-Jensen, Dorte (Project participant)
  • Christensen, Peter Bondo (Project participant)
  • Holmer, Marianne (Project participant)
  • Thamdrup, Bo (Project participant)
  • Bundgaard Madsen, Harley (Project participant)
  • Holmboe, Nikolaj (Project participant)
  • Jensen, Mikael Hjorth (Project participant)
  • Lumborg, Ulrik (Project participant)

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