International Relocation Activities of Danish Firms: Analysing Determinants, Effects and Spatial Spillovers to the Local Economy

Project: Private Foundations

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The project focuses on the determinants and effects of international relocation activities by Danish firms and their economic spillovers to the local economy. Relocation activities considered cover both the decision of firms to offshore activities away from Denmark, but also possible decisions of the firms to backshore activities to Denmark. Quantitative research in the project is based on a large employer-employee data set covering information on Danish employees, firm characteristics and the firms’ offshoring and backshoring decisions. The effects analysed include both internal performance effects to the firm such as productivity and innovativeness, but also wage effects for persons employed in relocating firm. Furthermore, the economic and labor market effects on the local economy, in which firms are located, are analysed.
Short titleInternational Relocation Activities of Danish Firms
Effective start/end date01/12/201801/06/2021


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