Innovationsfonden - AI2020/1-23 IoRTLab

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In this project, we will deliver a new and innovative platform for advanced
monitoring and surveillance of industrial robots. The platform is based on scientific disciplines within Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Robotic Things, machine learning, and biologically inspired algorithms. The platform is available for desktops, phones, and tablets and combines frequency analysis, pattern recognition and time difference of arrival estimation. See video:
http://bionicsystemsolutions/iortlab.html This project aims to develop an innovative platform for monitoring and surveillance of robots and industrial machinery. The platform will prevent downtime by predicting faults before they grow big and cause an expensive breakdown. By using our patented algorithm for phase estimation and our algorithms for pattern recognition, the platform provides monitoring of robots and industrial machines in real-time, and when an error occurs, it calculates the physical location toward the defect
Effective start/end date01/10/202001/02/2022

Collaborative partners

  • SDU (lead)
  • Alfa Laval Kolding