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The team of Kent Wickstrøm Jensen, Thomas Schøtt and the Ph.D. student Shayegheh Ashourizadeh at University of Southern Denmark are collaborating intensively with Jizhen LI and his colleagues and Ph.D. students at Tsinghua. Indeed, our Ph.D. student recently spent a year at Tsinghua, and four Ph.D. students recently traveled from Tsinghua to take a Ph.D. course and work with Kent and Thomas. Our team is among the most prolific teams and among the teams with most China-Denmark collaboration, as is obvious from Yet, when Shayegheh departs with her doctorate this summer, we are back to the two Danish leaders and a dozen Chinese collaborators. By this application for recruiting new blood in form of a post-doc, we intend to continue and solidify our research program at the forefront of collaboration with Tsinghua. Tsinghua, reciprocally, also wants to strengthen collaboration, and therefore generously offers to co-finance the post-doc for 8 months. The post-doc will work for 2 years, combining a 16-month appointment at University of Southern Denmark with an 8-month appointment at Tsinghua. During the 8 months at Tsinghua the post-doc will also teach in
SDC’s two social science programs. The period for teaching in Beijing has not yet been scheduled; rather, the period should be scheduled with the two HEPs. The post-doc will bridge the two programs in innovation management and in public management and social development. The post-doc will not only teach in both programs, but will pursue research spanning the two programs.The following pages specify, first, how the post-doc will strengthen the collaborative research project on entrepreneurial innovation in China and Denmark, in national regional and global contexts, including the context of social development, and, second, how the post-doc will strengthen teaching in the two social science programs in Innovation Management and in Public Management and Social Development. Then we propose an announcement of the post-doc position which should be posted on the SDC website and distributed to the SDC Ph.D. students. Then the budget is detailed. Finally we bring a letter of commitment from Tsinghua.

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Effective start/end date01/07/201730/06/2019

Collaborative partners

  • Tsinghua University (Project partner)
  • University of Southern Denmark (lead)