Impact of CAre-related Regret Upon Sleep

  • Courvoisier, Delphine (Project manager)
  • Pihl-Thingvad, Jesper (Project participant)
  • Cullati, Stéphane (Project participant)
  • Cheval, Boris (Project participant)
  • Mongin, Denis (Project participant)
  • Von Arx, Martina (Project participant)
  • Chopard, Pierre (Project participant)

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An international multicenter study on novice healthcare professionals

Layman's description

Healthcare professionals are particularly at risk of developing numerous physical and psychological health problems. The experiences of the emotional burden associated with providing healthcare, notably care-related regret, have been associated with these health problems.

The purpose of the study is:
- To examine how newly practicing healthcare professionals adapt to their challenging job by assessing the impact of care-related emotional burden on sleep and job quitting.
- To give a detailed image of the development of critical coping skills necessary to healthcare professionals to provide good quality healthcare to patients while remaining in good health themselves.

The ICARUS study uses an intensive longitudinal data collection with one year of weekly assessment using short web surveys and four follow-up questionnaires in the remaining two years. The participants are newly practicing healthcare professionals selected from a random sample of nursing and medical schools from the French-, English-, German- or Danish-speaking countries.
Institution of primary responsibility
University Hospital Geneva and Dep. Of Medicine University of Geneva

Contact person from the Department of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
Jesper Pihl-Thingvad.

Quality of Care Service, University Hospitals of Geneva, Switzerland; Department of General Internal Medicine, Rehabilitation and Geriatrics, University of Geneva, Switzerland; Swiss NCCR “LIVES: Overcoming Vulnerability: Life Course Perspectives”, University of Geneva, Switzerland; Institute of Sociological Research, University of Geneva, Switzerland; and Department of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Odense University Hospital.

Short titleICARUS
Effective start/end date01/05/201701/05/2023


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