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HanDiRob is a cross-border collaboration project funded by EU Interreg Germany-Denmark. It is aimed at creating modular mobile hand disinfection robots for improving prevention of infectious diseases as the Covid-19 at hospitals and in other public spaces. A system would consist of one mobile self-driving unit and a number of smart stands. The stands would provide basic interaction capabilities when standing alone and advanced capabilities when they are connected to the mobile base. The mobile base will provide charging to the stands and will be able to perform fleet management as well. The systems will be tested at Odense University Hospital during 2022.
Effective start/end date01/04/202131/12/2022

Collaborative partners

  • University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein (Project partner)
  • FH Kiel Fachhochschule Kiel University of Applied Sciences, Department of Media (Project partner)
  • SDU Robotics (lead)


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